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Looking for over the counter medication to increase my husband’s sex drive?

Posted on: 03.01.2011

Looking for over the counter medicatrion to increase my husbands sex drive?
I have a high sex drive my husband doesn’t I’m looking for a name of a over the counter medication my husband can take (not viagra) we are in our mid 20s we just moved into a place (the medication is for him) but I would have to sneek it in he’s food or coffee otherwise he won’t take it

O : about puberty , doctor if you break , out of my , Felt REALLY dizzy and lightheaded after a hot shower. Can someone explain this?

Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
Try MACA, I asked my husband, and he was fine. Read up on it a little. It is all natural. Tell him you both can take it, because you will……..and don’t tell him about the added boost. Tell him about the other benefits…. because there are many( added energy) that work as a “need” for him. This way you are not lying, and you benefiting you and him. This really will help you too, just don’t take as much as he does, if you don’t want to add to your sex drive. Also, they say it has been know to make you fertile as well or
We Love it and other people do to. I’m 26 as well
This is a herb, take 1500 mg per day slowly(for best result).The bottle will not tell you. The worst is known is the fact that when taken to fast(too much too soon) causes stomach pain, and irritablilty. Start slow and increase to no more than 2000

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